Sit Down Lets Talk. Matt Tibbey

We had the splendid opportunity to sit down with all time legend and master cameraman, Matt Tibbey to chat about the ins and outs of his passion for surf filming and photography. With a clip dropping of young shredder Callum Robson (filmed/edited by Matt), we thought it would be the perfect time for you to also check out some of Matt's archives from his travels... Enjoy the words and the imagery below x

Who introduced you to photography/filming and who has been your main influence?

I'd say my parents did... buying me my first digital camera around the age of 5, (I think it was 2 megapixels haha). I met photographer Ryan Williams in Indo around 2010, seeing the way he lived and worked in Indo was cool. But content from people like Chris Burkard, Clark little and Rambo Estrada have always been inspiring.

We know you film a whole lot… do you still have the passion to take photos?

Yeah definitely still a passion for taking photos thats where it all began for me, it's always tricky to find the right balance between photos and filming.

Do you prefer shooting land or water? Why?

Definitely water! When the surfs cooking and your out there in the water shooting with mates its just as fun as if you were surfing, but they both have their perks.

We see you have been shooting up and coming surfer Callum Robson (clip below), what draws you to shooting surfing over other subjects?

Yeah I've been filming young 'Caltex' for a while now, definitely some more work brewing in the pipelines! I guess I always surfed before picking up the camera so I think that was definitely a big influence on me buying a water housing and getting into surf photography and filming in the first place. If I'm not behind the lens shooting I'll be out surfing. 

Black and white photos, yes or no?

Definitely a yes, not all the time but.

Your weapons of choice (camera gear you use)?

I shoot mainly with the Panasonic GH4 & GH5 and have a Canon 7D mk ii which i shoot photos with.

SPL and SALTY are what I wrap them in.

Has Instagram destroyed the art of photography and filming or made it better?

In some ways, It's easy to get lost in the shit on Instagram, but it's definitely a good way to display what you've been up to. 


Let your eyes enjoy below.

Imagery/Film - Matt TIbbey

Article - Zac Skyring

Testing Visuals

With the release of A$AP Rocky's long anticipated 3rd studio album hours away, we take a look back at a few of the visuals leading up to the release along side some of the artists that produced  some of the insane imagery + the 'Testing' track-list. Testing follows 2015’s At.Long.Last.A$AP. Rocky also contributed to the ASAP Mob projects Cozy Tapes Vol. 1: Friends- and Cozy Tapes Vol. 2: Too Cozy. The new record includes the previously released tracks “Bad Company” with BlocBoy JB, “ASAP Forever” featuring Moby, “Distorted Records,” and others.

The project features appearances from Frank Ocean, Ms. Lauryn Hill, FKA twigs, Kid Cudi, Dev Hynes, Skepta, Playboi Carti, French Montana, and more. Find the full tracklist below. Frank Ocean appears on two songs: “Brotha Man” (with French Montana) and “Purity.” The latter samples Lauryn Hill’s “I Gotta Find Peace of Mind.” Puff Daddy, Juicy J, Snoop Dogg, BlocBoy JB are all credited as having contributed supporting vocals on various songs. MGMT’s Andrew VanWyngarden is listed as composer, lyricist, and keyboardist on the FKA twigs-featuring “Fukk Sleep.”

01 Distorted Records
02 ASAP Forever [ft. Kid Cudi and Moby]
03 Tony Tone
04 Fukk Sleep [ft. FKA Twigs]
05 Praise The Lord (Da Shine) [ft. Skepta]
06 Calldrop [ft. Kodak Black]
07 Buckshots [ft. Playboi Carti and Smooky Margielaa]
08 Gunz N Butter
09 Brotha Man [ft. French Montana and Frank Ocean]
10 OG Beeper
11 Kid$ Turned Out Fine
12 Hun43rd [ft. Dev Hynes]
13 Changing
14 Black Tux
15 Purity [ft. Frank Ocean and Ms. Lauryn Hill]




A$AP Forever/Distorted Records (Live on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon)


While over in the US traveling The Hippie Shake teamed up with me to shoot this retro editorial at iconic places around LA. It’s colourful, it’s fun and it was a dream day shooting starting in Culver City with a 1969 Buick Electra and ending in Mels Diner in Hollywood for a sundae and some fries!

Photographer: Casie Wendel

Model: Hannah Fuchser

Stylist: Naomi Hession

Hair & Make Up: Anjolie Nava

Photography Assistant: Shadeh Rangbar

We spoke with a 17 year old photographer Jacob Wilkes about his concepts and processes to gain an insight to his raw and relatable style. 

Here is what we got + His Archive. 

What amped you to start taking photos?

In 2009, when I was 9 or 10 years old, I took my first photograph. I shot with my Mom's Nikon Coolpix point-and-shoot camera, while on a family vacation on the big island of Hawaii. I recall fixating on the sillouettes of the palm trees against the sunset. The light at the time was fascinating to me and I just had the urge to capture it. I hurried back to the hotel room to get the camera before nightfall. In the end, I was really stoked about the photos I had taken, in fact, I still have the files on my desktop to this day. I think this excitement about the things I see and places I visit is really what started my passion for taking pictures.


Why film photography?

I first experimented with film photography this past year after I received a Holga 150 as a holiday gift. I was accustom to the instant gratification of digital, but the more I shot, the more fell in love with the excitement involved in developing a roll of film. For me, it's this excitement that keeps me shooting film, at least for now. I also believe that shooting film has changed my approach to photography, which has been an important step in my development as an artist. When shooting digital, it is easy to fixate on finding the proper settings or the right angle, as you can instantly view your results on the screen. With film, I am limited to 36 frames to adequetley capture a subject or scene. I feel that it's because of this limitation that taking photos becomes more about thoughtful observation and less about the final product. When I see my rolls developed, I see my own feelings and perspectives conveyed by the images, which is a really satisfying feeling. 



How do you find inspiration?

I think a lot of my work is heavily influenced and inspired by music. I was fortunate enough to have my Dad expose me to some of his favorite bands (Steely Dan, Seal, and John Mayer to name a few) when I was 4 or 5, and my passion for it really took off from there. I love to think that music is a soundtrack for life, which is why I have hundreds of songs and genres to choose from depending on how I feel. If you think about it that way, it's easy to see how art and music are intertwined, as they both express life in similar ways. When I listen to an album or a song, my head is filled with visuals that I like to emulate in my work. Sometimes inspiration flows, and other times I find myself in a creative lull where I feel like it's just not quite coming together. I think ultimately it it best to simply create, and the inspirations will show themsleves in the finished product. 


Where do you get your photos developed?

I'm fortunate enough to have a great photo lab about 2 miles away from my home in Venice, CA. It's called Rose Photo and it's unfortunately one of the few places in LA that still develops film. There's a very charming Korean couple who do all of the developing and own the place. I just always feel good taking my film there. I know they do a great job, and I'm indirectly helping to maintain the presence of film photography in Los Angeles. If I have some extra time, I love to develop myself in the dark room at Santa Monica High School, where I attend school. I think its interesting to have that hands-on interaction with your photos.  


Favourite camera?

For me, my favorite camera is my Leica M6, which is also kind of my 'daily driver'. I was fortunate enough to aquire it this year and I really have fallen in love with it's simplicity. The camera breaks photography down to its core elements; aperture, ISO, and shutter speed. I like to keep it simple and really focus on the photos, so it's a great camera for my personal tastes. 


Instagram yes or no?

Personally, I use instagram primarily as a platform to share my art and photography, but also to stay connected with family and friends. I love being able to keep up with some of my favorite artists and athletes, as well as my friends and family all in a single application. On the other hand, I think that social media can often blurr the lines between fantasy and reality. In a world full of pictures, it is quite easy to portray fantasy as reality, leaviing users questioning there own lives and realities. I think the most important thing in the age of social media is to have confidence in your reality and what you do with your 24 hours, rather than to have confidence in your online image. So yes, if you use it in a healthy manner. 


Who is your favourite photographer?

My favorite photographer, quite naturally, is my Uncle, Stephen Wilkes. I remember being a young boy at his exhibitions in Los Angeles, and I've always admired his ability to tell stories in his photographs. My favorite body of work he has done is his series titled, "Ellis Island: Ghosts of Freedom" which provides a look inside the eerie structures of Ellis Island, where hundreds of thousands of people came when they immigrated to the US. I think my passion for photography was discovered by my own curiosities as a child, but I have always been proud and inspired to see my Uncle succeed in a field that is becoming more and more exclusive. 


Why Sifimag?

I find that Sifimag shares a lot of the same interests as me and my work. The mix between lifestyle, surfing, and music is what I think alligns my work with the magazine, and I am stoked to be a part of it. 




Never Underestimate Deep Emotions. This project signifies a lot more than just just being naked but also being transparent and baring it all. When I came up with the idea I was looking to create a sensually charged project that reflected emotion and the beauty of a woman's body but also stripping the sexual element while creating an atmosphere that's solely sensual. 

I picked this two models personally because of their facial feautures and the unique contrast between them both the pictures are more than just pictures but also a political message of togetherness and the coming together of two culturally different people to create art. 

The day we shot the pictures it was mildly foggy outside and molding windy it gave the city a grey and gloomy feel that I loved and we ran through various concepts and ideologies and we all just got the message trying to be portrayed and they photos came out lovely. 


Creative Director: qklarite

Photographer: Devinn Pierre

Models: Sonny Matson. @sweetand.spicyy


We got together with photographer, Andrico Reid to understand his creative methods, inspirations and process of capturing photos. Enjoy. 

Who introduced you to photography and who has been your main influence?

"An acquaintance of mine—he was photographing an event we went to. It was so captivating and interesting to me, so I decided to do some research on cameras. I ended up buying a film camera to start taking pictures—to document my life and the people around me. It made me   realize that was what I should be spending my time doing. My main influence sources of inspiration are the by-products of urban life around me, and a visual artist who calls himself Hidiji Films."

What or who is your favourite subject to shoot?

"My favourite thing to shoot would probably be abandoned objects in urban areas—especially shopping carts. When it comes to subjects, I love to capture everyday people. I don’t often work with models because I’m more inspired by familiar faces you might see on the street. I try to combine these elements by inserting raw emotion & beauty into grungy, run-down areas. I consider myself a street photographer, but I don’t often photograph buildings or architecture—I like to capture the minute, overlooked details."

What are the three most important aspects for a perfect photo?

"My creative process and my brand, “DRICODIA”, consist heavily on documentation and consistency. I truly believe that documenting your creative process is just as important as the content itself in this era. We spend so much time creating  that “perfect” piece of content, but why not document the process of getting there? That’s something everyone can relate to—the process of learning and figuring things out."

There’s three words I live by: RESEARCH—DESIGN—CREATE

35mm, digital or both?

"Most of the time I shoot with Kodak Portra 35mm Film."

What has instagram done for photography?

"Instagram is a great outlet that has really evolved. I was actually reading a Vogue article a while back about how Instagram is one of the biggest art dealers in the world now. It’s definitely changed how we consume art and culture. I think it’s done a great deal for photography and has connected so my brands and creatives together on an international level. "

Weapon of choice?

"My go-to is always Portra 800 & my Nikon F65."

Falls Byron bay 17/18

This series is a group of photos reflecting our time at the amazing Falls Festival Byron Bay. The 3 day festival showed us a time that will never be forgotten. Meeting many new friends that we shared the time with accompanied by the music produced by world class performers. Flume counting us down was one of the best ways you could enter a new year then followed by a sea of 20,000 plus people sharing the dance floor. The final night poured down but that obviously didn't stop anyone but fortunately clearing up later in the evening for a band that I believe every teenager over the years has listened too, The Kooks


Huge Thanks to Falls festival for having us! See you next time. 


Please enjoy The Falls Festival playlist while looking over the photos. 

Instagram's 4x4 Grid

All we want from Instagram is for them to revert their algorithm so that our timelines are back to chronological order instead of this messed up timeline that shows me pictures from three and half weeks ago... Instead there have been speculations that Instagram is changing their infamous 3x3 profile grid to a 4x4. This will jerk around with those precious profiles that link their photos to the 3x3 grid. famous for this profile art is A$ap Rocky who we saw delete all his photos around the same time as the rumours started. We still see people like Anderson .Paak going strong with his 3x3 profile art. But then again it is just Instagram. 

Never Give Your Phone To Just Anyone

The other evening we sat down in the carpark to have a drink and watch the sun go down on another day. We were sitting in the boot of the car. Two girls in front of us were giggling hysterically. We quickly realised they had asked an old ‘parkie’ to take their photo. Originally thinking that this man will just snap a bunch of photos for them in front of the sunset of Byron Bay and they could walk off and Instagram it. He was shuffling them around, moving their feet over rocks to get the perfect pose while the two girls were laughing and saying “just take the photo”. He always replied, “do you want a good photo or not”. At first we thought this was all a big joke and the man wasn’t exactly right in the head and was just having a laugh. after 20 minutes he had only snapped about 4 photos on the girl’s phone, instead of taking a hundred like everyone does. The girls left and still eager for a chat the man approached us. Through about 2 minutes of talking to this guy we find out he is actually an old artist high on LSD which was made in the sand dunes 200 metres up the beach. Walking off after our small convo he run back instantly “can’t forget my paintbrush” and picks it up from within the rocks and walks off.