We got together with photographer, Andrico Reid to understand his creative methods, inspirations and process of capturing photos. Enjoy. 

Who introduced you to photography and who has been your main influence?

"An acquaintance of mine—he was photographing an event we went to. It was so captivating and interesting to me, so I decided to do some research on cameras. I ended up buying a film camera to start taking pictures—to document my life and the people around me. It made me   realize that was what I should be spending my time doing. My main influence sources of inspiration are the by-products of urban life around me, and a visual artist who calls himself Hidiji Films."

What or who is your favourite subject to shoot?

"My favourite thing to shoot would probably be abandoned objects in urban areas—especially shopping carts. When it comes to subjects, I love to capture everyday people. I don’t often work with models because I’m more inspired by familiar faces you might see on the street. I try to combine these elements by inserting raw emotion & beauty into grungy, run-down areas. I consider myself a street photographer, but I don’t often photograph buildings or architecture—I like to capture the minute, overlooked details."

What are the three most important aspects for a perfect photo?

"My creative process and my brand, “DRICODIA”, consist heavily on documentation and consistency. I truly believe that documenting your creative process is just as important as the content itself in this era. We spend so much time creating  that “perfect” piece of content, but why not document the process of getting there? That’s something everyone can relate to—the process of learning and figuring things out."

There’s three words I live by: RESEARCH—DESIGN—CREATE

35mm, digital or both?

"Most of the time I shoot with Kodak Portra 35mm Film."

What has instagram done for photography?

"Instagram is a great outlet that has really evolved. I was actually reading a Vogue article a while back about how Instagram is one of the biggest art dealers in the world now. It’s definitely changed how we consume art and culture. I think it’s done a great deal for photography and has connected so my brands and creatives together on an international level. "

Weapon of choice?

"My go-to is always Portra 800 & my Nikon F65."