Sit Down Lets Talk. Matt Tibbey

We had the splendid opportunity to sit down with all time legend and master cameraman, Matt Tibbey to chat about the ins and outs of his passion for surf filming and photography. With a clip dropping of young shredder Callum Robson (filmed/edited by Matt), we thought it would be the perfect time for you to also check out some of Matt's archives from his travels... Enjoy the words and the imagery below x

Who introduced you to photography/filming and who has been your main influence?

I'd say my parents did... buying me my first digital camera around the age of 5, (I think it was 2 megapixels haha). I met photographer Ryan Williams in Indo around 2010, seeing the way he lived and worked in Indo was cool. But content from people like Chris Burkard, Clark little and Rambo Estrada have always been inspiring.

We know you film a whole lot… do you still have the passion to take photos?

Yeah definitely still a passion for taking photos thats where it all began for me, it's always tricky to find the right balance between photos and filming.

Do you prefer shooting land or water? Why?

Definitely water! When the surfs cooking and your out there in the water shooting with mates its just as fun as if you were surfing, but they both have their perks.

We see you have been shooting up and coming surfer Callum Robson (clip below), what draws you to shooting surfing over other subjects?

Yeah I've been filming young 'Caltex' for a while now, definitely some more work brewing in the pipelines! I guess I always surfed before picking up the camera so I think that was definitely a big influence on me buying a water housing and getting into surf photography and filming in the first place. If I'm not behind the lens shooting I'll be out surfing. 

Black and white photos, yes or no?

Definitely a yes, not all the time but.

Your weapons of choice (camera gear you use)?

I shoot mainly with the Panasonic GH4 & GH5 and have a Canon 7D mk ii which i shoot photos with.

SPL and SALTY are what I wrap them in.

Has Instagram destroyed the art of photography and filming or made it better?

In some ways, It's easy to get lost in the shit on Instagram, but it's definitely a good way to display what you've been up to. 


Let your eyes enjoy below.

Imagery/Film - Matt TIbbey

Article - Zac Skyring