Never Give Your Phone To Just Anyone

The other evening we sat down in the carpark to have a drink and watch the sun go down on another day. We were sitting in the boot of the car. Two girls in front of us were giggling hysterically. We quickly realised they had asked an old ‘parkie’ to take their photo. Originally thinking that this man will just snap a bunch of photos for them in front of the sunset of Byron Bay and they could walk off and Instagram it. He was shuffling them around, moving their feet over rocks to get the perfect pose while the two girls were laughing and saying “just take the photo”. He always replied, “do you want a good photo or not”. At first we thought this was all a big joke and the man wasn’t exactly right in the head and was just having a laugh. after 20 minutes he had only snapped about 4 photos on the girl’s phone, instead of taking a hundred like everyone does. The girls left and still eager for a chat the man approached us. Through about 2 minutes of talking to this guy we find out he is actually an old artist high on LSD which was made in the sand dunes 200 metres up the beach. Walking off after our small convo he run back instantly “can’t forget my paintbrush” and picks it up from within the rocks and walks off.