Never Underestimate Deep Emotions. This project signifies a lot more than just just being naked but also being transparent and baring it all. When I came up with the idea I was looking to create a sensually charged project that reflected emotion and the beauty of a woman's body but also stripping the sexual element while creating an atmosphere that's solely sensual. 

I picked this two models personally because of their facial feautures and the unique contrast between them both the pictures are more than just pictures but also a political message of togetherness and the coming together of two culturally different people to create art. 

The day we shot the pictures it was mildly foggy outside and molding windy it gave the city a grey and gloomy feel that I loved and we ran through various concepts and ideologies and we all just got the message trying to be portrayed and they photos came out lovely. 


Creative Director: qklarite

Photographer: Devinn Pierre

Models: Sonny Matson. @sweetand.spicyy