Childish Gambino's Latest Track 'This Is America'

First Single Since 'Awaken, My Love' 

“This is America” was released on May 6th, 2018 with an accompanying music video, and is speculated to be the first single from Gambino’s upcoming, and supposedly last, album. It is his first single since the release of his 2016 studio album Awaken, My Love!. The song serves as a commentary on the condition of black Americans and American culture as a whole in 2018. This concept is represented clearly in the video, along with the fact that the problems that Americans think they can ignore eventually catch up to them.

The stark contrast between the happy, carefree chorus and the dark, aggressive verses highlights the way the black experience is perceived in popular culture versus reality. This contrast can also allude to the cyclical shifts in mood in America whenever there is a shooting – one second, the entire nation is in an uproar, but the next, they are happy and unconcerned, placated by vapid pop culture trends, and the cycle persists." - Genius



Splendour In The Grass 2018 lineup

The long anticipated lineup is finally out. Splendour In The Grass 2018 looks like it will be a huge one with the like of Kendrick Lamar, Henry Rollins, Gang Of Youths and a fuck load more right in our backyard of Byron Bay. Locals tickets go on sale Sunday 15th of April and for the rest of the world the 19th of April. Be quick because you don’t want to miss out on this three day splendour bender. 



The Uplifting Bell Ends

So, we play this game at work where we randomly yell out cool band names throughout the day such as The Ruptured Spleens, North Korean Picnic, The Uplifting Bell Ends and a shit tone more. We only searched a few band names that we yelled and it turns out The Uplifting Bell Ends is actually a band that makes some sick tunes andddd... they're from AUS!

Bringing us a psychedelic laid back vibe, some flute action and a tune that you can pretty much bump for any occasion. Huge props for their music and for their name. If Your'e ever in Byron, Hit us up. 


Our New Favourite Mini Series

Paak. 2 Basics 

Want to drum like Anderson Paak.? we suggest you watch this mini series by Promark Drumsticks. Paak. and Kelsey from the Free Nationals team up to produce what is possibly the grooviest little bit of media. We aren't even drummers and we want to buy a pair of the drumsticks. 


Let Anderson and Kelsey show you how to transition seamlessly from some straight funk into a laid back groove without sustaining bodily injury in "Layin' It .Paak." 

Learn how Anderson builds a custom groove. Spoiler alert: it's not quite as hard as building a rocket to shoot a convertible into space. 

Don't worry-Anderson brought enough sauce for the whole class in "Saucy Sixteenths." 

Watch Anderson .Paak successfully administer CPR to the presumed-dead art form known as the "drum solo" in the latest installment of ".Paak 2 Basics." 

Growth, both personal and physical is of paramount importance to leading a rewarding life. Let Anderson show you how to Get Bigger, in the final installment of ".Paak. 2 Basics." Song: "Get Bigger" by NxWorries 

Inside Frank Ocean's Blonde


Frank's 2012 album 'Channel Orange' was a world wide phenomenon and some thought was impossible to beat. "In 2013, Ocean filled a duffle bag full of hard drives of music and fled to London, where he'd hole up in the Abbey Road Studios to begin recording Channel Orange's follow up. He also replaced his entire business team and begin what he called " a 7 year chess game" to buy himself and control of his original recordings out of the Def Jam deal he signed in 2009." 

Video By: Pitchfork

Franke Ocean's Video Album 'Endless'

Issue 1 Playlist

Here are 100 of the songs that we listened to throughout the the duration and creation of Issue 1. You will be listening to the likes of some of the greatest and some others you might not have heard before. We at Sifimag listen to potentially the widest spread of music genres (obviously not) but our spread is still pretty big with artists like A$ap Rocky, Wolf Mother, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, The Growlers, Post Malone and more. Some were enjoyed at 3am in the morning through headphones by one's self and some were enjoyed at 11pm at night through speakers with the compony of some fucking legends. Enjoy. 


New Tame Impala


Christmas Came Early - 'Tame' Have Gifted Us with New Music

Psychedelic rock band, Tame Impala have released a Currents B Side & Remixes EP. The new EP features 3 new tracks and 2 remixes.  "List Of People (To Try And Forget About)," "Powerlines," "Taxi's Here,"  "Let It Happen" by Soulwax and the new "Reality In Motion - Gum Remix." The EP was released today as a part of the 2015 Currents Collectors Edition.



Winston Surf Shirt Debut Album - Sponge Cake


One of Australia's biggest breakout acts, Winston Surfshirt have today unveiled their highly anticipated debut album Sponge Cake, out today on Sweat It Out.
Sponge Cake maintains Winston's signature vocals throughout 16 tracks, combining elements of soul, hip-hop and rap to produce smooth croons likened to Outkast and A Tribe Called Quest. Mixed by George Nicholas of Seekae & CUF, Sponge Cake combines tempestuous grooves and admirable instrumentation to take the listener on a mesmeric sonic journey.
 Opening track “Juan” sets the scene for the album, introducing a catchy beat that retains throughout with the band’s all familiar horn section. Next comes the fan favourite “Ali D”, before the slow burning “Nowhere” reduces the pace and softens the mood. Indulging in the relaxed pace a little longer is “Be About You” and “TwennyFive” featuring American rapper Eric Biddines, with Winston’s soulful harmonies complimenting Biddines' distinctive vocals. “On The Lock” arrives next, beginning with an instrumental before sinking into a memorable rhythmic groove, driven by Dool's impeccable keys. Venturing further in the closing tracks of the album, is “Round & Round” making an instant impression, combining serene harp melodies with intricate harmonies, demonstrating the band’s knack for diversity and dynamism. Finally, eight minute closing track “Cast in Stone” takes the listener one last time through all the different flavours of Sponge Cake.
Winston on Sponge Cake: “I started writing for Sponge Cake three years ago now, I had it finished and mastered in September of 2015 and was set to release it independently as it was. A couple months later I started working on a song with a local group called Polographia. They were really interested in the album and passed it on to their management Astral People. One year later we were being managed by Astral People and signed to Sweat It Out. The album evolved, songs were scrapped and others were added. We then managed to get George Nicholas from Seekae to mix the whole album which just pushed everything to a completely new level and I’ve never been happier that I didn’t release it two years ago… “
It’s been a tremendous year for the band. Led by founding member, UK-via-Sydney's Winston Surfshirt, they exploded onto the scene with their debut single "Be About You" back in January, soaring to #1on Australia’s Spotify Viral Charts. Both their debut and follow up single “Ali D” garnered strong support from triple j RadioBeats 1 and Sir Elton John, with Sir Elton even calling the band to deliver personal praise over the phone. The band sold out their entire debut national tour and were handpicked to open for rock legends Midnight Oil on their inaugural show of their world tour. More recently, they played a standout set at this year’s Splendour In The Grass Festival and were then chosen to perform on triple j’s Like A Version, where they delivered an impeccable rendition of 50 Cent & Nate Dogg’s “21 Questions”. In addition, Sponge Cake was named triple j’s Feature Album this week, the cherry on top of their debut release. 

  To celebrate their debut album, Winston Surfshirt are embarking on a huge national headline tour (their second of the year), hitting all states this November and December. The band will be joined by label mates and frequent collaborators, Polographia and local legend Crooked Letter. Tickets are selling fast, with additional shows already added in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane due to the first being sold out - a clear illumination of the band's rapidly growing fanbase. 

Sponge Cake is without a doubt one of the most anticipated albums of the year. Don’t miss out on a chance to see Sydney’s most prolific six-piece live and witness why the whole world is talking about Winston Surfshirt.




Falls Festival 2017/18



Falls Music & Arts Festival is getting set to celebrate its brightest ever summer silver jubilee, across the all-natural amphitheaters and center stages of its homes in Lorne, Marion Bay, Byron Bay and Fremantle. The line-up has landed amongst the party palms, port cities and champagne shores of Australia’s heartland, as they release another collection of almighty salutations across the New Year period and first week of January.
Beneath the Falls silver-sunset you’ll find: world class music · creative installations · visual arts performances · pop-up bars and beer gardens · camping facilities · comedy clubs · daily beach access · glorious gourmet fare · makers’ markets · local traders · beauty parlours · holistic yoga and well-being, plus loads more to be announced!
Some changes on the horizon: Bars will now be cash and pay-wave enabled, leaving drink tokens behind. Cheers!

Ushering us into 2018 and setting the soundtrack will be… 



Who We're Excited To See


In the intervening half a decade since he was first seen at Falls on our Victorian leg way back in 2012, it’s fair to say that our man Flume has been keeping himself relatively busy. In fact, it wouldn’t be particularly difficult to mount a case that since that show (which took place just after his 21st birthday mind you) the man known as Harley Streten has become one of (if not the) most talked about Australian artist of his generation. Riding high on the release of his latest atom bomb Skin, its gigantic single ‘Never Be Like You’ and an accompanying remix album, Flume possesses a born-with-it knack for dance, adventure and collaboration which he rides like a fader inspiring our heads, heart and feet.

Flume copy.jpg


Australia’s resident sibling sweethearts have been away for far too long. Sure, they’ve been working on their own jams: Angus hazily grooving us with his smoky side project Dope Lemon and Julia quietly following the beat of her own drum, but it’s been long enough. There’s been a hole in our hearts as deep as a well since they last serenaded us in 2014 with their brilliant self-titled effort, a record which hit the top 10 in 8 countries and became the Stone’s 3rd Platinum release after 2010’s Down The Way and 2007’s debut A Book Like This. Hearing our cries, they’ve readied a new release, the incoming Snow and if the initial buzz is anything to go by, it’ll be another Aussie classic for us to swoon to at this year’s festival.

Angus and Julia Stone.jpeg


A one-man walking, talking hit machine, Liam Gallagher would have to possess one of the most recognisable voices in popular music history. As the front man for Oasis, he not only scaled the mountain but stopped for a lager when he reached the top. His clarion call sounds loud and clear throughout classics like ‘Live Forever’, ‘What’s The Story Morning Glory’, ‘Wonderwall’… do we need to go on? His debut solo album, so many years in the making, is called As You Were and it confirms that Liam is as much of a giant now as he ever was back in the heyday of BritPop. For his first ever headline shows in Australia with a crack band and a setlist that takes in classics old and new, this promises to be the best opportunity to lose your voice mid-singalong at this year’s festival.

Liam Gallagher.jpg


Quietly and diligently becoming one of Australia’s best pop bands, The Jungle Giants are a bit like an A+ student that is still the king of the cool kids - smoking unpunished in the media room. No longer the crew of ramshackle teenagers bursting out of the Unearthed set way back in 2013 on the back of debut album Learn To Exist, The Jungle Giants honed their skills on excellent sophomore album Speakerzoid and have now emerged as big old pop superstars on their latest record Quiet Ferocity. A recent feature album on triple j, the release delivers yet another set of hopped up pop tunes ready made for the festival stage. We’re pumped to have Sam Hales and the crew back at Falls for the first time since 2013 this year.

Jungle - Press Photo 2 credit - Dan Wilton copy.jpg

And Many More

The Cinema Wristys

Wednesday Night With 'The Wristys'

We hung out with The Cinema Wristys the other night during band practice in their band room decorated with idols, topless chicks and everything else dope. We got to preview some new songs in preperation for their gig at Burleigh Heads, QLD at the Hey Sunishine Festival and we have to say, they’re fuckin’ sick!
The Cinema Wristys have created a punked up surf rock sound, with psychedelic vibes that are bound to make you groove, and penetrate your mind, created from delving deep into their sexual desires, thoughts of the world, and love of friends and good times.
After their inception in a warehouse in Byron Bay, The Cinema Wristys have now played in numerous venues up and down the East Coast of Australia, and several shows internationally. With their captivating live sets, and infamous after parties, they are fast building a loyal following of fun fans.

An Artist We Love - Topaz Jones


We first saw Topaz Jones at Splendour In The Grass 2017 and instantly thought 'holy shit. this dudes dope'. 23 years old, emerging from New York bringing with him originality, new age funk and rap, and sick style. Jones has already emerged from soundcloud to performing on stage with the likes of  Travis Scott, Jerimih, Ty Dolla $ign, Big Sean and Future. 


Topaz Jones debut Album 'Arcade' 


Fresher than ever, Montclair based artist provides a punchy and utterly groovy rendition of the sizzling banger that is "Tropicana" - lifted from his equally impressive Arcade project. Follow Topaz: Facebook: Spotify: - Follow COLORS: ▶ Youtube: ▶ Facebook: ▶ Instagram: ▶ Twitter:

Here's a Snippet of A$AP Rocky's Unreleased Single 'Wok'


“New Prada bag, brown butterscotch.”

Two years since 'ALLA' (At Long Last A$AP), A$ap Rocky has continued to keep fans on their toes. With a new album on the way later this year making it his number 3, previews are beginning to drop. 

It Is speculated that D.R.A.M will feature on the clip along with Metro Boomin producing. Rumoured to be named 'Wok' the snippet is heard playing on AWGE DVD. 


5 Rap Music Videos We Fuck With



This is our top 5 rap music videos that we fuck with. Yes we know A$AP dominates this list but It's obvious why. This group, now pioneered by A$AP Rocky does not only produce insane music, but insanely creative music videos and visual effects to accompany.


5.  Feel So Good - A$AP MOB


4. Wrong - A$AP MOB 

3. XO Tour Llif3 - Lil Uzi Vert

2. DRAM - Gilligan ft. A$AP Rocky & Juicy J

1. A$AP Rocky - L$D

We know Its 2 years old but this music video has already become a classic. Insane visual effects, double entendre, countless metaphors. Killer.