Childish Gambino's Latest Track 'This Is America'

First Single Since 'Awaken, My Love' 

“This is America” was released on May 6th, 2018 with an accompanying music video, and is speculated to be the first single from Gambino’s upcoming, and supposedly last, album. It is his first single since the release of his 2016 studio album Awaken, My Love!. The song serves as a commentary on the condition of black Americans and American culture as a whole in 2018. This concept is represented clearly in the video, along with the fact that the problems that Americans think they can ignore eventually catch up to them.

The stark contrast between the happy, carefree chorus and the dark, aggressive verses highlights the way the black experience is perceived in popular culture versus reality. This contrast can also allude to the cyclical shifts in mood in America whenever there is a shooting – one second, the entire nation is in an uproar, but the next, they are happy and unconcerned, placated by vapid pop culture trends, and the cycle persists." - Genius