Our New Favourite Mini Series

Paak. 2 Basics 

Want to drum like Anderson Paak.? we suggest you watch this mini series by Promark Drumsticks. Paak. and Kelsey from the Free Nationals team up to produce what is possibly the grooviest little bit of media. We aren't even drummers and we want to buy a pair of the drumsticks. 


Let Anderson and Kelsey show you how to transition seamlessly from some straight funk into a laid back groove without sustaining bodily injury in "Layin' It .Paak." 

Learn how Anderson builds a custom groove. Spoiler alert: it's not quite as hard as building a rocket to shoot a convertible into space. 

Don't worry-Anderson brought enough sauce for the whole class in "Saucy Sixteenths." 

Watch Anderson .Paak successfully administer CPR to the presumed-dead art form known as the "drum solo" in the latest installment of ".Paak 2 Basics." 

Growth, both personal and physical is of paramount importance to leading a rewarding life. Let Anderson show you how to Get Bigger, in the final installment of ".Paak. 2 Basics." Song: "Get Bigger" by NxWorries