We had the opportunity to sit down with young shredder Zac Lang to see how he got into skating at such a young age, the perfect amp up and if Social Media has had any impact on his drive to push himself harder! With words of a clip to be dropped in the near future, we are excited to see where he ends up rolling to... Enjoy the words and the imagery below x

Who introduced you to skating and who has been your main influence?

Dad actually got me my first skateboard when I was in Hawaii, so he would definitely be the person to thank for putting it my hands. Russell Grundy (owner of Grundy’s Skate Store), I’ve always looked up too him for skating and he’s just supported me since I ever got my first board from there!

What is the perfect amp up before going for a skate?

Watching skate vids of T Funk, Cole Wilson and Chase Webb gets me soooooo hyped to skate!

Being filmed or being photographed?

I recently got a old Cannon Gl2... but like if we pull up to a spot, and I think Ive got something I just get my mates to film me, haha so once I get enough footage I’ll put it together and hopefully make a rad edit.

Street, Vert or both?

I like to skate whatever... if there’s something there I’ll just be frothing to skate it haha!

Has social media pushed you in anyway?

Yeah definitely... seeing all the homies post ridiculous stuff gets me hyped and makes me wanna stack clips!

Favourite all time skater?

Chase Webb for sure, that dude f#ckn rips!

Weapon of choice?

Polar, Pass port or a Grundy Skate Store deck

Where do you see yourself skating in 10 years? 

Hopefully in America just stacking clips with the homies and most of all just having fun!

Photographs by: @joeymccann