Jyoti Walker is "Outside the Bubble"

When rumours of a 4'11" Twinfin getting ridden at 6ft+ Desert point, the anticipation of this clip to drop was extremely high... and it didn't disappoint! Jyoti Walker (@tropicalboat) gives us a prime example of how to drop everything and leave the day to day slog out of a normal working life and experience the true Indo vision. We encourage you to sit down and relax with the drawn out lines of Jyoti's surfing matched with the echoing sound of Pink Floyd all put together by the mastermind, Jayden Morrison (@jaydenmorrison_)

By Zac Skyring 

Noa Deane - Candle

While world title scenarios, Stab in the dark featuring Jordy Smith and Kelly's wave pool have been making headlines, Deane's unorthodox approach comes into play again. After his 'Cheese' videos, Volcom sponsorship and Stab's 'Dock' Noa Deane has been apart of some dope projects and with this video showing us Noa has not only still got a huge progressive air game but some gnarly rail work. Enjoy.


Filmed & Edited
Mikey Mallalieu

The Saints, This Perfect Day
Witch, Isadora

Additional Footage
Dave Fox
Toby Cregan
Guillem Cruells
Yentl Touboul
Shane Fletcher


 Noah Schweizer, a young lad with plenty of flow wanted to capture a different aspect of the American summer. Equipped with some serious style, from being upside down to throwing ridiculous amounts of water, Noah is able to show us what the down times really are like in the American Dream. Vol 1 “Killing Time” by Layne Stratton can be found at https://vimeo.com/235707924 check it out, we can’t wait to see the next chapter that this kids got to show us!

Surfer: Noah Schweizer

Filmed By: Layne Stratton