The Condons

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There is the Coffins, The Gudauskases, The Gieslemens and then theres the Condons. Surfing's newest set of brothers have promised some exciting new content after chasing a recent swell on the south coast shot by longtime friends, Shannon Mackie and Geordie Gregor.  We caught up for a couple of VB's with Luke and Zak to talk waves, girls, blow ups and more... Enjoy x 

Z: Fuck that VB is nice!

Well straight up… How was it?

Z: It was pretty tapped, Its fucking the most powerful thing, its just so cold, everything about is just fucked up.

L: We were just thinking to ourself… are you kidding, ITS JUST US OUT!

The wave, did it deserve the hype? 

Z: Well we only really surfed for one day, It was pretty much a closeout in the morning… but then in the arvo, it properly started doing what we were chasing… it started wedging!

L: I was riding, a 6’1” just to try and get into them, I snapped two leggies in the first session of the morning, I had no leggies left haha! Went to every shop on the whole island and no one had any! Pretty sure the wave breaks all year round… it’s just one of those things you've just gotta be onto 24/7

Z: I reckon I jumped from the lip about a good 6 waves, fucked my back in the last bit of the first session on this psycho double up and it FULLY scorpioned me! You had to wear a 3/2… we thought it was going to be colder but for sure you’d be wearing booties, gloves, hood everything as soon as winter hits…

Was it easy to find?

L: The first drive took so long, cause we had no idea where we were going! 

Z: Literally you don't know where your going haha

L: It’s 9 miles of sand, like 4wd kinda shit, but if you don’t know what your looking for then your pretty much trying to find a needle in a haystack haha

Is their localism?

Z: Yeah… in the arvo we saw one dude haha, he was pretty mellow but!

Whats the vibe of the Town?  

Z: You drive past everyone and they fully wave at you, It’s so fucking sick, its just like being at home, everyone knows everyone!

L: We stayed in the sickest little shack…

Z: The house was sick bro!

L: The house was so good, but we get inside the microwave doesn’t work, took us half an hour to try and work out how the fucking oven worked Fireplace? HAHA NUP, it was pretty gnarly haha we had a heater though which just got us by.

Z: The weather changes so much, I swear everyone is used to it being like 60knt winds being the normal down there...

Rawness of cold water or tropo vibes? 

Z: I have done so much tropical shit already… like I said, I loved that trip that we just did… i’d go back in a heart beat, like I've done soooo many trips in and around Indo. Down there is like going to NZ or WA everything just so raw. 

L: Colds sick I reckon, you don't get bored, even when your driving there’s something to see around every corner

Z: Down there dude… this beach was like untouched! 

L: Your just guessing down there and that’s the sick part, when we first rocked up there was 15mins of light left and we thought we should quickly suss it all. We walked over a dune and it was cooking… with no one else to be seen! 

Wave pool or Ocean?

Both: Ocean 100%… but wave pool would be tapped

Go to playlist for the early? 

Z: I like a bit of Fisher and Patty T… Idk, a bit of Kodak Black is a bit of a pump up to get ya going!

L: Old school rap and shit, Biggie and Snoop…

Z: I like a bit of dirty… Deep house haha

Rap over a clip, Yes or No:

Z: It works… but in general not everyone can run it

Who has a better Music taste? 

L: Me, this c#nt just listens to boom boom boom shit haha 

Z: Fuck off Luke, I like everything

Who gets more chicks?

L: (Without hesitation) Me

Who has the most blowups?

Z: I would probably be Pig (Luke) hey, He gets a bit angry haha

L: It’s only when I have to

Whos more likely to win a fight: 

L: Probably me

Z: He knows who would win haha

Who’s more likely to switched to long boarding?

Z: Haha, Probably me

You’ve just farted in an elevator, a perfect 10 walks in and you've still got 10 floors to go. What do you do?

Z: FUCK! haha I'd say… can you smell that! hahaha

L: I’d try not to say anything i reckon, just stand there and get off at the next floor!